Daniel Áñez, piano

Duo with Émilie Girard-Charest, cello

Émilie Girard-Charest and Daniel Áñez started playing music together in 2008, as part of the activities of Ensemble Allogène.

In 2013 they decide to form a cello & piano duo, initially called "Stéphane Pécas". With this duo, they embark in two South American tours in the years 2013 and 2014.

Émilie and Daniel continue collaborating together in many other projects outside their duo. They were both part of Ensemble La Machine (2010-2013), have collaborated in the premiere of Émilie's "Épanchements" (2014) and Orchestration du frottement du monde" (2019), and participated in Émilie's monographic album "Intimités".


Composer Title Year of composition World Premiere Instrumentation
Cáceres, Eduardo Entrelunas 1966 vc pno
Estrada, Julio Tres instantes 1966 vc pno
Gandini, Gerardo Lunario Sentimental 1989 vl vc pno
Girard-Charest, Émilie Épanchements 2014 yes vc pno
Girard-Charest, Émilie Orchestration du frottement du monde 2019 yes vl vc perc pno
Girard-Charest, Émilie Heurts 2019 yes vl vc perc pno
Huber, Nicolaus A. Silver Silence 2006 vl vc pno
Lavista, Mario Tres Danzas Seculares 1994 vc pno
Llugdar, Analía Tricycle 2004 vl vc pno
Virgili, Martín This is not a pipe 2013 yes vc pno
Zimmermann, Bernd Alois Intercomunicazione 1967 vc pno