I fell in love with synths quite early in my life, when my high-school's father-in-law's Ensoniq was available for me to play. Doing my undergrad, we made an electronic music band with composer Camilo Méndez and architect Daniel Cardoso, called c.kubLi. At that moment I had acquired several synths, with the little information I had on them. I had an Alesis QS6.1, Novation Bass Station Rack, and the magnificent Yamaha DX200 and SU700. Our weekend sessions with them resulted in several concerts in the Universidad de los Andes and in the Colón Electrónico Festival.

Once in Canada, I started buying synths in the measure that money allowed me: Starting with some Korg Monotrons and Teenage Engineering Pocket Operators, followed by a Yamaha TX81Z, a Korg MS-20, an Arturia Microbrute, a Yamaha DX7, a Roland Alpha Juno-1.

Today, all those synths are gone, and I've been performing with modular synthesizers for the last 2 years. I own a case of mostly Mutable Instruments and a TTSH – a clone of the famous ARP2600. I've been performing solo in the weekly Synth meeting happening at Eastern Bloc called Modular Mondays, and I've recently started a noise-soundscape band with visual artist Andrés Salas called Equis Eñe.

Hope you enjoy my synth music!